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The 28 Worst Things That Can Ever Happen To A Pot Head

Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff– PASS, DUDE!

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3. Or worse, when you've smoked so much already that you've forgotten where you've hidden the supplies.


Well, anyway, while you're searching at least you'll find a whole bunch of stuff you thought you'd lost. HELLOOOOO, Harry Potter DVD box set.


8. And if you manage to find someplace open, your insane paranoia results in a flood of unnecessary pleasantries during your exchange with Dominos delivery dude.


11. When you have to carry out a conversation with your landlord/parents/boss after you've just smoked a fat one.

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*Holy shit, what did he just say?* Please don't evict/ground/fire me.


17. So then you start writing down all the "brilliant" ideas you have when you're blazed... But when you read through them sober, you realise you're an idiot.


22. When people give you business cards that are not square, and you can't use them as roach material.

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"What the hell am I suppose to do with this? ACTUALLY use it to contact you in a professional setting? LOOOOOOOL k."