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    Muslims Globally Are Condemning Islamophobia By Tweeting Support For Paris With "I Am A Muslim"

    "Terrorism has no religion."

    At least 120 people were killed in a series of apparently coordinated attacks across Paris on Friday.

    As the world sent prayers and wishes to those affected by the attack, many people began blaming Muslims for it.

    At least 35 dead in Paris. 100 or so hostages. You did this to yourself Europe. This is what Islam does. Wake up world!

    And to silence those who grouped Islam with terrorism, Muslims from around the world are condemning the attacks.

    My name is Maz Hussain Raja. I am a Muslim. I condemn the #ParisAttack. Over 1.5 billion Muslims do. Please remember this.

    I am a Muslim. And I condemn every kind of violence. My thought and prayer are with the victims of the tragedy. #ParisAttacks #Gaza

    My name is Asrul, I am a Muslim and I strongly condemn the #ParisAttacks

    I am a #Muslim and I am not terrorist. #ParisAttacks

    A lot of them are using the phrase "I am a Muslim", and strongly condemning the violent attacks in Paris.

    I am a #Muslim and I am not terrorist. I believe in humanity. I believe in peace. My Islam taught it! I extremely condemn #ParisAttacks.

    I am Muslim My religion is Islam I am not a terrorist I want peace #ParisAttacks

    I am a Muslim and I unconditionally denounce all violence against innocent people whoever and wherever they are. #ParisAttacks

    I am a Muslim & I totally condemn the #ParisAttacks. All my sympathies are with the victims. How the heck do we stop this from happening?

    My name is Irfan, I'm Muslim, My religion is Islam, I'm not a terrorist, I want peace. #ParisAttacks

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