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    Posted on 27 Jul 2016

    Mumbai Now Has A Wholesale Bar And It Makes Sense To Some People, I Guess?

    You can buy a drink for less than 100 bucks, but only if you buy 12.

    BAR BAR Mumbai has just opened at Phoenix Market City in Kurla. It's a "wholesale bar" which basically means the more you buy, the less you spend.


    Here's how it works:

    BAR BAR Mumbai has three classes of drinks – Popular, Premium and Luxury.

    Popular drinks include domestic alcohol like Smirnoff, Blender's Pride, and Bacardi at normal market price. But if a group orders more than 12, each drink will cost ₹99.

    Similarly, Premium includes Johnny Walker, Absolut and Jameson and will cost ₹175 each, if 12 pegs are ordered.

    For Luxury includes high-costing cocktails and drinks like Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, and Long Island Iced Tea, and go for ₹325 once a dozen people order their drinks.

    So basically, if you want to avail of any wholesale offers, you gotta drink up.

    1. So do you think it makes sense?

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    So do you think it makes sense?
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      Hell no, I'll just go to any other place have a normal amount of drinks.
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      YES. This sounds amazing, let's get our drank on!
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      Depends. What's the food sitch?

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