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    "Mumbai Mirror" Achieves The Impossible, Plunges To Even Lower Lows

    In this morning's edition, the tabloid took athlete Lakshmi Gopichand's quote about Pullela Gopichand's prowess as a coach, and cut it to look like a jealous wife's quote about her husband.

    On August 22, Mumbai Mirror published a story quoting P.V. Sindhu's coach Pullela Gopichand's wife Lakshmi as saying "Sindhu has what I didn't have – my husband".

    However, the article has come under fire by a lot of journalists on Twitter for being inaccurate and sentationalised.

    The Mumbai Mirror — Everyday SoapOpera Sexism

    The reason being that a major part of Lakshmi Gopichand's quote was omitted. What she actually said was: "Sindhu has what I didn't have back then – my husband as coach".


    Lakshmi was also a badminton player and had represented India in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

    And Twitter users caught on pretty quick and stepped in.

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