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These Beautiful Photos Double-Expose Working Class Mumbaikars With Their Dreams

City of dreams, indeed.

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Athul Prasad, an aspiring photojournalist and media student, started a project through which he aimed to showcase a snippet of Mumbai's working class. The project, which was first published on National Geographic Traveller, features photos of Mumbaikars from different walks of life, double exposed to an image of their dreams. "The people that make the city come here with a million dreams. That was the thought process behind the story. Double exposure was just a medium to convey the message," Prasad told BuzzFeed. Below each image is a quote from its subject.

Amardeep, dhobi.

Athul Prasad

“All my life, I detested the concept of education. Today, I detest myself for the same reason. I am one of the few fathers in the world who want my children not to follow my example. I didn’t have a choice in life. They should.”


Ramesh, fisherman.

Athul Prasad

“In a train, about seven years ago, policemen came and demanded my ID card. Those chaps then took away ₹15,000 that I’d saved up for my family back home. That just fired me up more to become a cop.”


Mohammed Sadiq, pav seller.

Athul Prasad

“I hope I get to open a bakery someday and earn enough for the food and books to keep my four kids happy. Plus, the Mumbai weather is unbearable to work outdoors.”

Sidhant, school kid.

Athul Prasad

“I don’t want to be like any other cricketer. I’m going to be the next Sidhant Jaiswal. And by the way, if you click my photograph, will I get to play at Wankhede?”