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Google Has Apologised To Modi For His Face Showing Up In The Results For "Top 10 Criminals"

Modi appears in the search results thrown in with the likes of Osama Bin Laden, serial killer Ariel Castro, Hafiz Saeed, and others.

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The trend began because people realised that if you Google "top 10 criminals” several Indians show up in the results, including PM Narendra Modi.


Modi appeared THRICE in the search for the top criminals in the world, along with Osama Bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed, Sanjay Dutt, serial killer Ariel Castro and others. (Not really sure why there's a random couple in the mix, but okay.)

And a lot of them want Google to apologise.

I may have hazaar gile shikwe with our PM but the PM in google's #Top10Criminals search is not acceptable


Senseless infighting between political parties of India on platform like Twitter,FB resulting in this kind of insult. #Top10Criminals

Its not just insulting for our beloved PM but also demean our judiciary which gives him clean chit for all his crimes. #Top10Criminals

2002 was it not an insult to India ? M.R.S was it not an insult ?Scam country is it not an insult? In #top10criminals is an insult Get life

I agree with you. If I was Mr Modi, I would stop tweeting for a few days in protest. #Top10Criminals


Dear @google ...We strongly object to your search engine where Indias PM has been listed in #Top10Criminals ...Corrective action please.

#Top10Criminals, whats that? The latest social media trend shows Mr. PM as Top 10 Criminals, shows why monitoring social media is necessary

Well hey, at least he shows up in a couple of other searches, too.

Hey u all modi haters aka dynasty slaves before ranting #Top10Criminals check this one too

After the incident, Google reportedly issued an apology to Narendra Modi, stating that they are sorry "for any confusion or misunderstanding" for Modi's pictures showing up in the search for "top 10 criminals".

"These results trouble us and are not reflective of the opinions of Google. Sometimes, the way images are described on the internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We apologise for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. We're continually working to improve our algorithms to prevent unexpected results like this," a Google spokesperson said in a statement in an NDTV report.