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A Message To Indian Men, From Indian Men: How To Not Be A Douchebag

"You think a girl is attractive, she walks by... You know what you do? LET HER BE."

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BuzzFeed India gathered a handful of Mumbai men and talked to them about what sexism and harassment look like in India.

These are their spot-on sleazebag impressions.

They admitted that the internalised douchebaggery started at an early age and explained how.

They narrowed down some major contributors to the problem.

BuzzFeed India

And, finally, they gave some stellar advice.

BuzzFeed India

Watch the video here:

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This video was made in partnership with PRI The World's Across Women's Lives, as part of their #HerRights series in India. It features comedians Abish Mathew and Daniel Fernandes.

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