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10 Products Every Book Lover Would Definitely Want In Their Lives Right Now

Brace yourselves, reading just got a whole lot better.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers” which is a collection of stuff that's currently ~trending~.

This week, we scoured the Movers and Shakers list for the best value-for-money products on Amazon India for all the book lovers in the land. We found a bunch of cool shit that you can use to read more comfortably, redecorate your room to showcase that you are indeed an avid reader, and even a couple to accessorise while letting your geek flag fly high.

1. This magical Superman book stand that actually makes it look like your books are flying (₹4,158).

Most promising review: "I love this book shelf. The magnetic Superman is a brilliant idea. Go get one and impress everyone who comes to your room, my roommate was pretty impressed." – Erikson.

Get it here.


2. This super handy book holder cum travel pillow for leisurely bed time reading or comfortable in-flight reading (₹4,170).

Most promising review: "What an amazing design this is. The book holder is extremely lightweight and malleable so you can shape it to fit anywhere – on your lap, the treadmill etc. Your book, regardless of size, stays put behind a clear plastic strip. You can even put your Kindle snugly in place. It is fantastic!" – J. Kilmartin

Get it here.

3. This pretty useful attachable reading lamp for all those midnight reading sessions in bed. (₹299).

Most promising review: "This product is amazing. There are four LED lights in two heads (means two led light on each head). The light produced is more than sufficient for reading in the night, working on your laptop etc. It is been more than a month and the product is still working fine. These are very portable, and can be used directly via usb port or three AAA batteries." – Amazon Customer.

Get it here.

4. Any comic book fan would love this awesome Avengers edition UNO pack, complete with special cards (₹149).

Most promising review: "If you are an Avengers fan this is a must have. A nice twist with the Avenger meet up card." – Sriti Patra

Get it here.


6. This funky zig-zag bookshelf that will add some zest to your room (₹1,249).

Most promising review: "Nice product, looks are great, pictures are exact, overall experience of product was good. Assembly looked difficult at first, but as you proceed it becomes simple." – Shreesh Manasvi

Get it here.

7. This wide collection of classics by Paulo Coelho for any fan of the Brazilian author (₹899).

Most promising review: "A great collection with an astonishing price.

No sooner did we receive it, that the book set has taken a prominent place in our home library. My younger daughter is a fan of Paulo Coelho, she got delighted on learning that we have now such a set." – R.D. Das

Get it here.

8. This neat Hand Of The King pin that's surely going to make you stand out at any party (₹199).

Most promising review: "It's a wonderful product if you are Game Of Thrones fan. Very delicate and beautiful... yet smaller than expected." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

9. This super handy foldable table for all the readers who prefer reading PDFs (₹835).

Most promising review: "The item was as described in the picture. The stopper to hold the laptop from falling off is detachable. The top is not red colour, plain one. The craft work and finishing looks good. My 15.6" laptop fits perfectly well." – Mentalyst

Get it here.

10. And this time turner pendant that would make any Potterhead's day (₹350).

Most promising review: "Arrived very soon and is a must have for every Potter fan! Looks exactly like how it's shown in the product description. Came super-well packed." – Amazon Customer

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.