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12 Absurd Indian Laws That Will Make You Go WTF

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3. In Maharashtra, you can vote, have sex and get married by the time you're 18. But you can't drink hard liquor until you're 25.

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This law was passed in 2011, and according to it you can drink soft liquor when you reach the age of 21, while you have to be 25 to have hard liquor.

4. It is illegal for more than 10 couples to dance on a dance floor.

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This is according to the Prevention of Seditious Meetings Act, 1911, by which you can't gather in a public place with a large crowd if it's likely to cause a disturbance to people around the area without the required permission.


6. Adultery is illegal, but only the man will be penalised for the crime.

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According to a Section 497, adultery is a deliberate consensual association that punishes a man alone for adultery i.e. for having consensual physical with a married woman. No judgement or punishment may befall the woman.


10. Indian Air Force pilots must have a minimum of 90cm leg length.

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A main requirement of the Indian Air Force is that a pilot's legs be a minimum of 90cm. This also means that even if a person is tall, say above 6-feet, and his legs are not 90cm, he is not applicable to be a pilot in the IAF.