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After Feeding Nestlé Milk Powder To His 18-Month-Old Baby, This Man Discovered It Was Infested With Live Larvae

The baby developed a severe skin reaction and had to be admitted to a hospital.

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On Tuesday, multiple news agencies reported that dozens of live larvae were found in milk powder made by Nestlé in Tamil Nadu.


The New Indian Express reports that the larvae were found by K. Prem Ananth, a taxi driver operating out of Coimbatore, in the Nestle NAN PRO 3 milk powder he bought for his children. After review, the Tamil Nadu Food Safety Wing deemed the sample of milk powder unsafe for consumption.

Ananth had already opened the box, and fed one of his 18-month-old twins the baby formula, and while mixing a separate batch for his other child, he came across several live larvae in the milk powder.

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Two days later, the infant who consumed the infested milk powder reportedly began developing a severe skin allergy and had to be admitted in to a private paediatric care centre.

After admitting his child, Ananth registered a complaint with Nestlé customer support, following which Nestle reportedly sent over a local area manager to investigate. The representitive, G. Krishnaperumal, offered to replace the product, as well as have it tested to make sure it passed the company's guidelines for safe consumption. Ananth reportedly rejected both offers, as he felt that they woundn't conduct an impartial investigation into the matter.

BuzzFeed India has reached out to Nestlé India for a comment but hasn't heard back yet.