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    Watch These Women Lay Down A Powerful Rap About Why They Need A Rape-Free India

    ♫I’ll wear what I want – even if it's mini, it's only a dress. Don’t for a second think it’s a yes.♫

    Meet Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi, who decided to write a rap about one of India's most rampant problems – rape.

    In the YouTube video, which was uploaded to their channel BomBaebs, they describe India as "a nation that is a 1000 shades of fabulous and yet there's still 999 issues that hold us back."

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    They rap about problems like female foeticide, slut shaming, gender discrimination, and objectification of women.

    They speak about the misogyny, cat-calling, and victim blaming in our country.

    They call out the "politicians who ban our will in India," the "lawyers that spew shit," and the people that blame Indian culture.

    We're right there with you!

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