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Lilly Singh Savagely Shut Down All Her Sexist Commenters By Making A Sandwich A Little Differently

"For people who tell me to 'get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich', I think this will help!"

Lilly "Superwoman" Singh just admitted why she doesn't address negative comments, in a video titled "How to Make a Sandwich".

It's because she has two sides, and usually favours the first side.

Butttt then she read out a comment that she gets pretty often.

And well, decided to unleash her second side to answer the fine man's question.

She proceeded to show the commenter how to actually make a sandwich...

...and every part of the process was riddled with uncontainable savagery.

She didn't hold back at all.

Not one bit.

And people LOVE Singh's ball-busting, no-nonsense response to all the sexist commenters out there.

You can check out the video here:

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