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Google India's Twitter Just Added Fuel To The Fire To The Whole "Is Coldplay Coming To India?" Debacle

So are they coming or not?

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Coldplay keeps indicating that they'd love to play a concert in India.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @VishalDadlani

From playing an impromptu set in Delhi last year...

Facebook: video.php

To quietly coming and filming a music video in Mumbai a few months later...

To literally saying it.

There have been rumours going around the Indian internet for a while now about a gig that's going to happen in Mumbai this November.

People are pretty stoked about it.

People are pretty stoked about it.

Earlier this morning, Google India tweeted what seemed like an official confirmation about said gig.

Although, Coldplay hadn't announced anything on their official channels, Google India's verified Twitter handle announcing it seemed pretty legit.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

They suspiciously deleted the tweet a little while later, but the flood gates were opened.

This guy has the right idea though:

So how's about you take your own advice, Coldplay.


*Home = Mumbai.