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    17 Struggles Every Pet Owner In India Knows Too Well

    "Happy Diwali, humans! I'll be hiding under your bed quaking in fear until further notice." -Every dog in India

    1. Any festival that involves fireworks and loud noises (so basically all of them) drives your furry friend into an inconsolable frenzy.

    2. And on certain other festivals, they become involuntary participants.

    Happy Holi to you too, asshole.

    3. When there's a storm – and the subsequent power cut – your pet truly believes it's the end of the world.

    4. You want nothing more than to have fun beach days with your pup...

    But you love them too much to expose them to such toxicity.

    5. And there are a limited number of parks or open spaces in the cities for your pets to run around and mingle with other pets.

    Look at these two hogging the swings.

    6. During the monsoon, the weather dictates when you take your dog for a walk.

    7. And those walks end up doubling as swimming lessons. Very little actual walking occurs.

    8. Even when it isn't raining, the traffic ensures that walks are always harrowing adventures.

    9. And the condition of the roads might make every walk feel like an uneven trek.

    But they seem to love the adventure anyway.

    10. Your pet has magnetic powers that attract the entire subcontinent's dust and muck, so bath day comes around with alarming frequency.

    11. You try to keep them on a healthy diet, but you KNOW someone's slipping them dhoklas and tandoori chicken on the side.

    12. Anything in your house is a toy. Everything is fair game.

    This includes cushions, pillows, clothes, cutlery, jhaadu-pochha, furniture, shoes, laptops, agarbathi, your family members, the bai, literally anything.

    And it includes single-handedly keeping the print industry relevant.

    13. The blistering summer heat is sometimes too much for our furry friends.

    But they come up with their own creative ways to beat it.

    14. Any time you leave home with them, they're chased and attacked by a hoard of stray dogs and cats.

    15. Or, even worse, they start getting their flirt on.

    16. There's no concept of pooper-scoopers, so finding your dog a place to do his/her business outside is basically a game of minesweeper with the offerings other animals have left lying around.

    17. Forget mailmen, your dog thinks that any chaiwalla or delivery dude is their natural enemy.

    But in the end, it doesn't really matter, does it? They're your best friends, and you'd do anything for them.