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Kolkata Police Attacked Several Disabled Protesters And Destroyed Their Aid Equipment

The assault resulted in 12 participants being injured and 26 of them sustaining damage to their special-aid vehicles.

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On December 3, the Kolkata police attacked a rally of physically and mentally challenged people.

As reported by The Hindustan Times, the police manhandled the people at the rally, damaged their wheelchairs, and even attacked some of them with batons.

The report also stated that 12 of the agitators were injured, and that the rally was organised in protest of the lynching of Korpan Shah, a mentally challenged youth.

Shah was allegedly beaten to death on November 16 by a group of students as well as some of the junior doctors at NRS Medical College and Hospital, who claimed that they suspected Shah to be a cell phone thief.


The police have still not arrested anyone in relation to the crime, and HT reports that the state government has been accused of not pushing for the enquiry to move along faster.

According to HT, Kanti Ganguly, general secretary of the West Bengal Pratibandhi Sammilani, an umbrella organisation of the physically and mentally challenged, said: "We organised the rally and a law violation programme demanding a speedy probe into the NRS incident. Hundreds of physically challenged people took part. But the police lathi-charged us and damaged their tricycles."

"We wanted a proper probe into the death of Korpan. The police are yet to even detain anyone, leave alone arrest. Korpan's family was present at the rally," Ganguly, a former CPI(M) minister, said.