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Deepika Padukone Had Personal Issues With Several Lines In Vogue's "My Choice"

"There's more than one line that I, as an individual, do not endorse," Padukone said. The original video drew ire across the internet for, in particular, appearing to promote infidelity in the name of feminism.

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While the rest of the internet opined and argued about the implications of her Vogue Empower "My Choice" video, Deepika Padukone has kept her silence.

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Now, over a month after its release, Padukone finally clarified her views on Anupama Chopra's show "Film Companion" (in the first 3 minutes of this video).

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Her statement in full is:

"[The controversy] was definitely disappointing at some level because we all know the intention. When Homi [Adajania] and the writers came up with the script and shared it with me, I read it. And I said, Homi, personally there are not one line, there are a couple of lines that personally I don't identify with. But I'm having a conversation with my director because that's his creative piece, I cant mess with that. But, yes, as an individual if you're asking me, there's more than one line that I as an individual do not endorse and do not stand for. I looked at it from a macro perspective and not a micro perspective so it is of course slightly disappointing when I am being accused of something that I'm endorsing when I don't. What is disappointing is the fact that with an issue that is so relevant at this point in all our lives, we choose to pick out certain lines from the larger narrative and the larger story and the larger point that film was trying to make, and we blow it completely out of context. Having said that, I will always be someone who looks at the brighter side and will always be happy that there's also a large part of people who appreciated and understood what we were trying to do... I've never been someone who reacts at the spur of the moment. You have to let these things breathe and you have to let people react in the way that comes to them naturally... Nobody asked for my reaction at that point. They just jumped to conclusions like: this is what she's endorsing and this is what she stands for. So I kept quiet. I've never been someone to just jump in there and give my point of view unless, now, you're asking.