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This Video Shows What It's Like To Score "Maal" In India Today

"Kashmiri isn't there, only Hyderabadi is available."

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Watch the video here to understand what makes their night so unique:

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Sizil Srivastava and Keegan Pinto, members of the team that created the video, told BuzzFeed in a phone-call that they made this video to express their views about the beef ban in Maharashtra.

Because of banning something as innocent as beef, something we all love, the protein of the poor, the film is a funny take on what the government has turned us into. The ban will force us into buying beef like it is contraband – hidden, underground and spurious.

We wanted to make a statement without whining and we thought doing it in this way would make it relatable to those who had to resort to buying banned things.

In the end we wanted to draw a parallel to buying hash, to shed awareness on the beef ban, and bring out a sensitisation to it. Hopefully this might result in some changes.