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    Mumbai's Red Light District Mothers Are Doing Sex Work So Their Children Won't Have To

    "My daughter should never have to suffer this."

    YouTube channel Yathartha Pictures (with the Asha Mahila Sanstha) spoke to mothers who work in Kamathipura, Mumbai, Asia's second largest red-light district.


    Shivani Singh and Divyansh Gala were anchors, Tushar Pandey was cameraman and project coordinator, and Neel Sarkar directed and edited the short film.

    The mothers' sole goal was to ensure a stable future for their children.


    One mentioned that the government fails to support them in any way, and they only have each other to rely on.

    Which, for a lot of them, meant a future away from sex work.

    "All the mothers in the world hope to see big things for their children in the future," co-creator Tushar Pandey told BuzzFeed.


    "We made this video to honour the motherhood of India’s red light mothers," he added.

    Watch the powerful video here:

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