People Are Pretty Pissed That Justin Bieber Lip-Synched Through His Entire Mumbai Concert

    "If you're going to lip sync, at least attempt to sync your lips."

    Last night, Justin Bieber performed for the first time in India to a massive crowd of nearly 50,000 people at Mumbai's D.Y. Patil Stadium.

    The 90-minute performance had a lot of weird and wonderful moments including Bieber bringing some kids up to perform with him and having to retune his guitar while on stage because of the heat.

    But there was one thing that people felt throughout the show.

    I've never seen an artist give that many 0 fucks in my life. If you're going 2 lip sync, atleast attempt 2 sync your lips #JustinBieberIndia

    Bieber basically lip-synched his way through majority of his performance.

    Bieber was so bad it was hilarious. He had the stage presence of khichdi. Plus kaafi lip sync. (Lucky that my tickets were free :D)

    And sure it was fair to do it for one or two of his songs that relied more on produced vocals, but well, people were annoyed that they spent so much to see this.

    Feeling sorry for people who paid 76k to see Justin Bieber do lip sync in hot humid Mumbai evening. #justinbieberindia

    People who flew down from other parts of the country especially for this concert felt super slighted by the pop star.

    Came down from Goa just to see @justinbieber play his songs off YouTube. Couldn't even get the lip sync right #JustinBieberIndia

    Bieber did perform a couple of songs with just an acoustic guitar, that he obviously didn't lip sync.

    And people did recognise that...

    @monikarawal @justinbieber He did lip sync a few songs but he also sang songs live. He obviously couldn't sing for two hours straight.

    But people felt cheated nonetheless.

    @justinbieber lip sync all his songs on stage. What a way to cheat your fans. And what a waste of so much money. #JustinBieberIndia

    FFS Justin Bieber, people didn't pay 50k+ to watch you in ghar ke kapde and do bad lip sync. Glad I skipped this one. No longer Belieb.

    Is it too late now to say sorry?