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17 Joys Of Having Really, Really Chilled Out Parents

Cool moms > Regular moms.

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1. Your parents are practically your best friends, because you can tell them anything.

2. And vice versa.

3. You never have to lie about relationships, drunken nights or crazy parties because you most likely sit and gossip with your parents about what happened anyway.

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4. You don't get cross examined every time you leave the house. In fact, they barely ever question your comings and goings.

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They acknowledge and accept your need to party.

That's probably because they went through the same things when they were younger.

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5. Your friends love them because they know they can come over any time.

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6. Which means every night at your place is party central.


(When sometimes, all you want to do is sleep.)

7. Sometimes your friends don't even come over to see you, they come over to drink Old Monk and have a smoke with your dad.

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There will be times that you didn't even know they came over.

8. They let you make your own mistakes, which gave you all the confidence in the world.

9. You were always grateful to them for letting some things slide and not giving you grief for the small stuff.

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10. But they always call you on your bad decisions, because even though they aren't super strict, they still want the best for you.

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And more often than not, they'll do it in the most colourful way possible.

11. Which sinks in, and helps you make the better decision next time. SNEAKY PARENTS.


12. They have your back when others are being lame... Even if "others" sometimes refers to your other parent.

13. They always show their support as creatively as possible.

14. And they know just how to comfort you when you're down.


15. You notice when you're out with friends that everyone else's parents seem to check in on them a lot more than yours do...

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16. Which you realise is a GREAT thing – it means they trust you, and want you to party uninterruptedly.

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17. And you always know that although they let you do your thing, they always have your back.

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No matter what.