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    23 Joys And Struggles Of Being A Comic Book Fan In India

    Try finding the latest issue of ANYTHING at your local store. If there is such a thing :(

    1. Comic books are your life, and you want to share them with everyone you know.

    2. You wished your room looked like this but it can't possibly because, you know, you live in India, which means there's no way that you can get the latest issues at your local store*.

    3. This is most likely the latest issues of a Marvel event you're going to find in a book shop or library.

    4. So this is more or less what your comic book collection actually looks like.

    Andre Borges / Buzzfeed
    Andre Borges / Buzzfeed

    5. If you're a true blue comic book fan, you'll still have an impressive (albeit outdated) hard copy collection to go with your digital library.

    6. You can take some solace in the fact that there are some really awesome comic books like Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhary that the rest of the world doesn't have.

    7. Not to mention the badass graphic novelists here in India, just waiting to get discovered.

    8. People can't understand why you spend half your salary on "unnecessary" comic book merchandise.

    9. But then again, you're the easiest person to shop for because anyone just has to walk into your room to know what you'd want.

    10. And the more gifts you get, the more space you need. Which is why your parents are always grumbling that your "toys" are taking over the house.

    11. When you travel abroad, you carry at least two suitcases. Of course only half will be filled with clothes, the rest has to be empty for all the comic books and assorted merchandise you're obviously going to bring back.

    12. But for those that aren't lucky enough to go abroad often, you always harass any friend that's making a trip.

    13. But the absolute worst is when they get you the wrong issues, and really didn't pay attention to what you had asked for.

    14. You get a little too excited when any comic book film releases on the same day in India as it does in the rest of the world.

    15. And celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary is more important than any birthday or festival.

    Seriously. Don't invite me to anything this year. I'm busy. Indefinitely.

    16. You get excited about ComicCon India because it gives you the sense that there are thousands of people in India just as obsessed as you.

    17. But the dream is always to go to the actual one in San Diego. And you're basically saving up so you can eventually make it there.

    18. Until that time comes, you're still an honorary attendant every year. Even if it is through crappy internet streaming in your living room.

    19. You get flack from friends for staying until the end of the credits of every superhero movie.

    20. And it's the absolute worst when people ask why Batman isn't in "The Avengers" yet.

    21. Dating is hard sometimes, because all you talk about is the "Death of Wolverine," and how Robert Downey Jr. is the best Iron Man ever.

    22. But it's okay, because when you do find that person who understands you, they'll be talking about comic books just as much as you do.

    23. And any time you meet someone who loves comic books as much as you do, you feel like you've met your soulmate.

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