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India's First Gay Matrimonial Ad Outraged A Lot Of People For Having A Caste Requirement

Harish Iyer's mother Padma Iyer, who wrote the ad, later clarified on Facebook that she is "not bothered about the caste or religion of his partner".

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BUT- the Indian gay matrimonial ad, though it was path-breaking, also said 'Iyer preferred'


@hiyer Exactly wt i thot ! i assumed it was meant to be a joke. U know like, "Caste no bar. Iyer Preffered *wink* *wink*" Great going aunty

When almost everyone here has married within their caste, why so much outrage about "Iyer preferred" in that gay matrimonial?


In the wake of this heated discussion, Padma Iyer took to Facebook to clarify her stance.

Facebook: iyerpadma

And Harish himself posted a status pointing out the double-standard at play here, when comparing his ad to the standard fair for heterosexual matrimonial classifieds.

Facebook: harishiyer