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    Attention, Indian Couples: You Can Now Make Money Just By Letting Tourists Crash Your Wedding

    Yup, it's 2016.

    Join My Wedding is a startup that was launched early this year in which to-be-married couples open up their weddings to foreign travellers, and part-finance their wedding.

    Join My Wedding

    Basically, anyone interested logs on to the site, and looks up the wedding they'd like to attend according to their budget and the place.

    Join My Wedding

    “I was quite taken with the rich culture, colours and smells of the traditional Tamil wedding. I thought it was so sad that so many people would not be able to experience what I did because they didn’t know someone who could invite them,” Budapest-based founder Marti Matecsa told The News Minute.

    You can check out Join My Wedding here.


    Information about was removed from this post, since that site has been taken down since the time of writing.

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