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    If You Allow Me, I'm Going To Take You Through The Most Random And Elaborate Indian Ad Ever

    Get ready to have your mind blown.

    OK, get started. This is Babloo. He is an astronaut and is currently chilling in space.

    When suddenly, the unthinkable happens. While Babloo is getting ready to eat his paratha, he runs out of achaar.


    I would like to remind you, he's in space.

    He immediately sends out a distress call for help, and emergency protocols are initiated.

    The news breaks and the entire country loses its shit.

    The finest minds in our government get together and try to tackle the problem. But, alas, there doesn't seem to be a solution.

    All hope seems lost.

    Until, one woman figures out a way to send Babloo some achaar. Spoiler alert: It's his mom.

    And by golly, she does it. SHE GODDAMN DOES IT.

    So his mom sends this baller-ass dude up to save our beloved Babloo...

    By using five fans as propulsion devices.

    I'm going to say this again, just so it properly sinks in. Five fans, one guy, space journey, new hero.

    Check out the entire ad here:

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