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    I Went To Anurag Kashyap's Home To Check If He's Lying About His Massive Film Library... He Isn't

    Word of advice: Don't question Anurag Kashyap.

    Earlier today, Anurag Kashyap mentioned that he had never downloaded a film torrent, in a plea asking people not to download leaked prints of his upcoming film Udta Punjab.

    A commenter tried to call him out by saying that there was no way Kashyap hadn't pirated films before. The filmmaker responded with what I thought was a pretty bold and cocky claim:

    Facebook: anuragkashyap1972

    "Well I have the largest personal film library of original films in the country," Kashyap said in a comment that received more than 5,000 likes in just four hours.

    I wasn't convinced and decided to see if Kashyap was bluffing, or if he actually does have "THE LARGEST PERSONAL FILM LIBRARY IN THE COUNTRY" pffft.

    So, naturally, I put on my sleuthing hat, somehow got in touch with the man, confidently tried to call his bluff, and, uh... He invited me over.


    I really wasn't ready for what I was walking into, because Kashyap really does own the most MASSIVE-ASS film library I've ever seen.


    The collection comprises thousands upon thousands of DVDs and Blu-Rays of films from around the world.


    Seriously, I hadn't even heard about 77% of the films in his possession, forget having watched them (and I consider myself a pretty avid film buff).


    In fact, his collection is so huge, it literally takes up an entire room's worth of space to store them.


    Sure, this doesn't prove the man has never pirated anything. But it does prove he's a baller who's spent a lot of money on movies.

    And it means I got to go to Anurag Kashyap's house. So I'm really hoping that maybe, by some sort of extension, I'm a baller too.

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