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Hundreds Of Women Around India Are Sleeping In Parks To Reclaim Public Spaces

The project aims to create an environment of and by women, who are unlearning warnings. The participants, also known as 'Action Heroes', are asleep, defenceless, trusting, not rushed, not hurried in public spaces.

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"It calls for women, girls and individuals to shift the fear based relationship with public spaces by taking a nap in their public parks. We do this to question fear, and to initiate a dialogue on trust," Jasmeen Patheja of Blank Noise told BuzzFeed.


"We've had security guards telling us 'you're not allowed,' we've had perplexed reactions. This leads to amusing encounters, but we do that for the same reason, to manifest an idea through collective action, we have also had bystanders join us. A group of women who happened to be at a park were invited to join in. They were amused at the proposal to take a nap with a large group of strangers, however, they did."