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    Posted on 20 Nov 2014

    A New Delhi Girl Was Murdered By Her Parents For Marrying Outside Her Caste

    HT reports that the 21-year-old student was murdered by her parents and secretly cremated, just three days after she was wed.

    Jagmohan and Savitri Yadav recently confessed to murdering their daughter Bhawna, 21, for marrying outside their caste.

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    The Hindustan Times reports that they were arrested on Tuesday and, after hours of questioning, confessed to beating, strangling, and then cremating her on on Nov 15.

    The arrest was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Suman Goyal.

    Bhawna was a third-year Delhi University student of the Rajasthani Yadav caste. On Nov 12, she married Abhishek Seth, 24, who was Punjabi.

    Bhawna's parents, who knew and disapproved of the relationship, were already planning to have her married to a man from their own caste.

    Barcroft Media /Landov

    "[Bhawna and Abhishek] decided to marry, hoping her parents would come around," said a friend of the couple in an report.

    "We went to Abhishek's house after the wedding and his father told us Bhawna's parents must be informed. They came and promised to honour the marriage. They took Bhawna away, saying they'd keep her home for a few days and promising to host a grand wedding," another friend stated.

    According to HT, the Yadavs left for Rajasthan immediately after the crime, telling neighbours that their daughter was bitten by a snake, and hence had to be taken to an ayurvedic practitioner in their native village.

    "When they reached the village, they told their relatives she'd died on the way. They cremated her and returned to the city," said a police officer.

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