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Here's How You Can Cheat The Blue Ticks On WhatsApp, If You Have An iPhone

Desperate times call for desperate #WhatsAppHacks.

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It isn't completely and wonderfully ideal because you still need to keep your WhatsApp closed, BUT if you can resist that urge, you can read a bunch of messages without anyone knowing! Rejoice!

Disclaimer: This only half works on Android phones.

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If you're on an Android, the sender's ticks turn blue as soon as you turn your network back on, so you can read the messages in secret if you keep your network off forever which... isn't advisable. That said, Android phones have an option to turn off read receipts altogether (if you're OK with sacrificing the ability to see when other people have read your messages, too).

Oh, well! Another reason to gloat about having an iPhone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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