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Here's Arnab Goswami Laughing Hysterically Live On National Television 'Cause We Deserve It

The nation needs to LOL.

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Last night on The Newshour, one of the most watched primetime news shows in India, Arnab Goswami lost his fucking shit and began laughing hysterically while the whole country watched on in amusement.

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The debate was about, well who cares what the debate was about, because JUST LOOK AT ARNAB THROWING PROFESSIONALISM OUT OF THE WINDOW IN FAVOUR OF ALL THE LOLs.

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BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was reading out a few lines said by Navjot Singh Sidhu from Comedy Nights With Kapil causing Goswami to crack the hell up.

In fact, he was laughing so hard, that it looks like the camera just cut away from him so that the audience didn't see him guffawing like a hyena.

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Here's a clip of the entire thing in which you can hear Arnab's muffled laughter even after he's taken off screen.

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