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Here's All You Need To Know About All India Bakchod's New Project

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BUT, there have been no details about what it actually is.

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In their new video, AIB explains that they are paying for eight people to live in Mumbai for six months to teach them scriptwriting.

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So this is how it works:


The program starts in March, 2016, and AIB will pick people to work with for six months. These six months will include hours of lectures, film screenings, discussions, workshops, writing and basic reviews.

There will be a mentor provided to the applicants, who will guide you through various processes of creating a script including ideation, character development, story development, plotting, structure, scene design, and dialogue-writing.

The aforementioned mentor is Satyanshu Singh, a National Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter.

The website also mentions that there will be various people from the industry, who will appear as guest lecturers including Varun Grover, Juhi Chaturvedi, Akshat Verma and Umesh Kulkarni. The site also teases that other names will participate as the project goes on.


The applications for the program end on January 31, 2016.


Only those over 18 years of age are applicable, and AIB states that once they shortlist the best of the lot, they will visit the nearest big city and meet the applicant in person. There will be eight final candidates that can participate in this six month program.

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