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    Posted on 5 Apr 2016

    Here's A Glimpse Into India's Fight Club And One Of Its Fiercest Fighters

    Sorry to break the first rule of Fight Club...

    This is Chaitanya Gavali, one of India’s fiercest mixed martial arts fighters.


    Gavali was profiled by 101 India as part of a series chronicling the lives of fighters from India's underground Fight Clubs.

    Gavali came from humble origins in Mumbai. His family runs a small footwear shop.

    Gavali started fighting in an attempt to lose weight but after meeting Vicky, his current coach and trainer, he began training in mixed martial arts.

    Gavali said that his family was worried about him at first but now that they see how talented he is, they support him completely.

    From the get go, all his peers realised there was something special about the 26-year-old fighter, and Gavali began rising to the top in local competitions.

    And before long, Chaitanya 'Dangerous' Gavali was slaying international competitions and has since become one of the fiercest, deadliest fighters in all of Asia.

    Check out his story here:

    View this video on YouTube

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