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Here Are The Most Iconic Tweets From India In 2015

There's a lot more than 140 characters in this country...

1. When Arvind Kejriwal earned a billion internet cool points.

2. When Modi proved that his suit game is unparalleled.

Prime Minister Modi Wore A Suit With His Own Name Printed On It Thousands Of Times

3. When Modi quoted Obama quoting Shah Rukh.

As for the rainy day yesterday, as you yourself said @WhiteHouse today morning, Bade Bade Deshon Mein... :)

4. When Karan Johar gave the perfect response to everyone who had a problem with AIB's roast.

Not your cup of tea...don't drink it!!!

5. When Kejriwal was elected Delhi's chief minister, and celebrated by thanking his wife.

Thank u Sunita for always being there "@rsaraf007: Sunita Kejriwal and @ArvindKejriwal first pics after winning "

6. When Sachin really had no idea why people were cheering outside his house.

Don't know what I did.. some fans are outside my house... Celebrating... Wish I could have joined them!

7. When Virat Kohli was super impressed with Anushka Sharma's foray into movie-making.

Just watched #NH10 and i am blown away. What a brilliant film and specially an outstanding performance by my love @AnushkaSharma. SO PROUD:)

8. When the Supreme Court struck down section 66A (which restricted internet freedoms) and lawyer Karuna Nundy who had helmed the fight took a moment to celebrate.

It's taking time to absorb, almost three years after this work began- but thank you, Constitution of India, you still redeem us. #66A

9. When this selfie broke the internet.

This kid is so cool. May Allah bless him. Dinner time at the Asian Awards.

10. When Sushma Swaraj explained her efficiency.

Last question in my Press Conference : What is the secret of your success ? My Ans : Stay away from the media and do your own work.

11. When Coldplay's Chris Martin broke hearts around India when he played an unannounced gig in Delhi's Hauz Khas village.

Ok, I just got off stage from standing around while Chris Martin of Coldplay did an impromptu set. Holy wow!!

12. When Poonam Rani Malik shared this iconic moment in Indian women's hockey.

We are going to Rio Olympics. Thanks for Indian Hockey fans, Love you. Woman going to Olympics after 36 years.

13. When Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis won the Woman's Doubles tournament at Wimbledon.

14. When Priyanka Chopra gave us the first look at her American Primetime TV show Quantico.

On route to begin work on #Quantico ! But first, there's this... an exclusive look at the official poster! U like?

15. When Modi spoke for a nation in mourning.

India mourns the loss of a great scientist, a wonderful President & above all an inspiring individual. RIP Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

16. When India got electoral advice from a porn site.

Porn ban in India / XVideos blocked Vote better next time!

17. When Big B learned to duckface.

T 1949 - When your son starts wearing your shoes he is no longer a son he is your friend .. my friend, Abhishek ..

18. When Mia Khalifa clarified her stance on appearing on Bigg Boss.

Let's get something clear: I am never stepping foot in India, so whomever said I have "shown interest" in being on Big Boss should be fired

19. When Karan Johar celebrated 20 years of one of Bollywood's most iconic films.

God it's been #20YearsOfDDLJ !!!! So many memories...deep friendships...and my film school!

20. When a legend stepped down.

I hereby retire from all forms of international cricket and from the Indian Premier League. A statement will follow.

21. When Anupam Kher initiated his march against intolerance.

#MarchForIndia will start from India Gate, New Delhi at 10am on 7th Nov. All INDIANS are invited. Jai Ho.:) #IndiaIsTolerant

22. When, after BJP's loss in the Bihar elections, PM Modi made the most humbling phone call of his life.

Just received a phone call from the Prime Minister congratulating me.

23. When Sachin wasn't happy with British Airways.

Angry Disappointed and Frustrated.. #BAdserviceBA Family member's Waitlisted ticket not confirmed despite seats being available (1/2)

And luggage being tagged by @British_Airways to wrong destination and don't care attitude! #NeveronBA (2/2)

24. When Siddharth urged the Indian media to focus on the important issues.


25. When Salman Rushdie addressed a 27 year old problem.

26. When Aamir Khan responded to the hullaballoo surrounding his wife's opinion that India might be unsafe.

27. When Deepika shared a picture with Vin Diesel indicating that she was ready to make her Hollywood debut.

28. Every time Sushma Swaraj used Twitter to help in any way she could.

If your passport is lost or damaged in floods, pl go to any of three PSKs in Chennai. They will issue u fresh passport free of charge. Pl RT

Pl RT Indian Embassy in Kathmandu Helplines no.s : +977 9851107021, 9851135141

The evacuation operation from Yemen is over. General V.K.Singh is returning tonight. We are closing our Embassy there.

29. And when after 13 years, Salman Khan was acquitted of all charges for the 2002 hit-and-run.

I accept the decision of the judiciary with humility. I thank my family, friends & fans for their support & prayers .