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    Posted on 20 Nov 2014

    Haryana Police Finally Arrest 'Godman' Rampal After Two Week Standoff

    After the arrest, five women and an infant were reportedly found dead in the Ashram.

    On Wednesday night, Sant Rampal was arrested after nearly two weeks of violence in his Barwala Ashram in Haryana.

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    The Indian Express reported that Rampal was apprehended and then taken to Chadigarh in an ambulance. He will most likely appear before the Punjab and Haryana High Court. A two week stand-off between his supporters and law enforcement personnel resulted in violence in Haryana.

    Five women and an infant were found dead in the Ashram.

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    "No injury marks were found on any of the bodies. The cause of death will be clear only after the post-mortem. So far, two persons are confirmed to have died a natural death. The cause of death of four other women, whose bodies were handed over by the ashram to the district administration this morning, has not been determined yet," said Haryana DGP S N Vashisht in a report by The Indian Express.

    The report goes on to explain that, according the post-mortem reports of three women revealed no injury marks on the bodies. The report also reveals that the victims have been identified as Savita, 31, from New Delhi, Santosh, 45, from Rohtak, Rajbala, 70, from Bijnaur, Malkit Kaur, 50, from Sangrur, Rajni, 20, a resident of Uttar Pradesh and Dhairya, 18 months, a resident of Madhya Pradesh.

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    Firstpost reports that senior officers of the Haryana Police force as well as members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) entered the Barwala ashram complex on Wednesday evening and arrested Rampal just past 9 p.m.

    As reported by Firstpost: a senior officer stated, "We have arrested him. He is in our custody. He is being taken to hospital for medical examination." He also said, "He will be produced in the relevant court tomorrow (Thursday)."

    Police sources also confirmed that Rampal would first be taken in for a medical examination and then transferred to Chandigarh, after which he would be be presented to the court.

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    Firstpost also reports that Purshottam Dass, and spokesman Raj Kapoor, who have been identified as Rampal's key aides were were also taken into custody, as per police statements. Around 450 supporters, including private commandos, were also taken into custody. Although there were violent clashes running up to Tuesday, Wednesday's arrests did not include bloodshed.

    "Police did not fire a single shot in the whole operation," the DGP said.

    The Haryana Police have booked Rampal on sedition, which will add on to the previous charges of murder, inciting mobs and contempt of court against him.

    DNA reports that Rampal has stated that the allegations brought against him are false.

    According the report Rampal has rejected all the charges brought against him, denying the claim that he had asked his followers to keep him "hostage" within the Ashram to evade arrest.

    When accused of the claim after arrest, Rampal simply stated, "No, this is not true...."

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