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What Jobs "Game Of Thrones" Characters Would Have If They Worked At An Ad Agency

Samwell Tarly would be the worst intern ever.

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Mumbai-based marketing agency Chimp&z Inc. recently uploaded a photo album called "Game Of Agencies," in which they created roles that GoT characters would play if they were at an ad agency.

"We wanted to create something fun. After a lot of creative brain farts we came up with an idea that merges agency life with the upcoming season of the show. Not only giving people in the industry content that they can relate to but also giving people from other industries a relatable insight into daily life at an advertising agency," the team behind "Game Of Agencies" told BuzzFeed.

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"Either you hate them or you absolutely love them. This team usually spends their time making witty retorts or drinking wine (burp) in fact I am cradling a glass of wine as I type this. You might love us or hate us, but you simply cannot ignore us."

Via Facebook: chimpandzinc

"No one can equal the IQ of this team. Their job is to work in the shadows and keep an eye on the happenings of the agency and they do a damn good job of it. They always stay on top of their game and make every situation work in their favour."