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    16 Fuck-Ups That Probably Got An Intern Fired Immediately

    The roads are definitely filled with fired interns.

    1. This lad who made over 15 typos in just three sentences.

    2. This emoji enthusiast.

    3. The dude who shoulda double checked the picture before tweeting.

    4. The intern who thought the actor playing Raj Koothrappali was named Raj Koothrappali.

    5. This guy who forgot to switch Twitter handles after an earthquake.

    6. This copy-paste master.

    7. This dude who wasn't having any good times at this job.

    8. Whomever made this unfortunate typo.

    9. This guy who unfortunately mixed up a terrorist organisation with the International Space Station.

    10. This thorough bloke who just wants to give you the full story in the headline.

    11. The intern who probably should have cross-checked the picture with the caption.

    12. Whoever tweeted this meme from Aaj Tak's Twitter account.

    13. This guy who will live to regret killing The God Of Cricket.

    14. This poor soul who captioned a picture of Osama with "Obama takes a bullet to the head".

    15. The person that wrote this description.

    16. And of course, this dude.