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15 Types Of Cricket Fans Everyone Knows

Aaaand then there's you.

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1. The “Thinks They Are An Expert When Drunk” Fan

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Defining Traits: Never has any opinions about the teams or the players when they're sober, but highly inaccurate information will spew out of their mouth once intoxicated.

Catchphrase: *drunkenly slurs* "No, no, guys, let me tell you exactly why they lost." *falls over*

2. The "Only Reads About The Match But Will Never Actually Watch One" Fan


Defining Traits: Actually keeps track of matches, but only through Twitter and Facebook timelines, and in very necessary situations, highlights.

Catchphrase: "Did you see Kohli's inning? Insane, right? Yeah, I read about it."

3. The "Only In It To Win It" Fan

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Defining Traits: Keeps track of the rankings of all teams, plays the percentage, and basically keeps tabs on things that can help to figure out which team will win.

Catchphrase: "I would bet on [team with the highest odds], trust me."

4. The "Former Player" Fan


Defining Traits: The game is higher than anything else for them, all because they played the game all through school and college. They know the positioning of the players, when a power play should be used, and if the ref was wrong. And their words are usually true.

Catchphrase: "If I was still on the field, I'd show 'em how it's done."

5. The "Know-It All" Fan

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Defining Traits: Knows the game, but will definitely rub it in your face. And will continue to pester you with everything from ball weight to the length of grass on a field.

Catchphrase: *Random obscure facts about a team that no one really cares about.*

6. The "I Hate That Guy" Fan

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Defining Traits: They sit and comment about every single thing that the player they hates does, on and off the field. And will find fault with anything that the hated player does, even if said player had no control over it.

Catchphrase: *game gets rained out* "Ugh fucking Dhoni. This is all his fault."

7. The "Maybe-Too-Hardcore" Fan


Defining Traits: Obsessed with cricket, doesn't allow anything to get in the way of the sport, constantly on their phone checking the scores, has all the apps to track everything about cricket.

Catchphrase: "Sorry can't make it into work today, UAE is playing Afghanistan."

8. The "Football Is Better Than Cricket" Fan


Defining Traits: Will compare both these games, even though the only relation they have is that there's a ball involved. Will also constantly grumble about how confusing cricket is.

Catchphrase: "Sachin who? Messi is where it's at."

9. The "Girls Can't Understand Sports" Fan

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Defining Traits: This is the asshat who insists on wondering out loud why girls watch cricket, belittling women sports fans even though they could school them on the rules, stats, and basically everything else.

Catchphrase: "Why is she even here?"

(Spoiler Alert: They're the worst kind of fan there is. In any sport. And life in general. Ugh.)

10. The "I Don't Really Care About This, But Everyone Does, So I Have To" Fan

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Defining Traits: All they know is what they've read on Wikipedia. Not very concerned about the game, but will occasionally watch a game or two, if that's what everyone is doing that night.

Catchphrase: "Oh, we're watching a game AGAIN. Cool, if that's what everyone wants to do."

11. The "We Should Win This" Fan

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Defining Traits: Thinks that they're actually playing in the game, always commenting about how things should be done... in the first person.

Catchphrase: "Our batting could've been better. We'll work harder next time."

12. The "Old School/Lifelong" Fan

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Defining Traits: One of the best kinds of fans. Their passion for the game has never faded, while their stories about the greats always amuse the younger generation.

Catchphrase: "Back in my day, we played for the fun of it, but today it's just become too commercial."

13. The "Where's The Food" Fan

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Defining Traits: Has no idea who’s playing, or where the match is. Sometimes, they might not even know which sport the viewing party is for. They're basically here for the food.

Catchphrase: "Where's the food?"

14. The "Oh The World Cup Is On, So I'm A Fan" Fan

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Defining Traits: Basically a fan when the World Cup is on, and DGAF when it's not.

Catchphrase: "WHOOHHOO INDIAAA! Wait, what's a Virat again?"

15. And best of all: The Perfect Fan

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Defining Traits: This person knows not only the game, but everything that happens during the game. They know the stats of their favourite team, while also knowing that they aren't actually a part of it, just an avid supporter. They're well-informed, but super chill, and always down to share a genuine love for the sport.

Catchphrase: "Can't come out tonight, guys, watching the game. But feel free to join!"