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    9 Excellent Reasons To Drink More Old Monk

    Not that we need more reasons, tbh.

    1. Old Monk is great for your heart if you drink it regularly and in moderation.

    It reduces the risk of heart disease and rum in general is a great remedy for peripheral heart disease as it avoids artery blockage in the body.

    2. It also, in moderation, can decrease the risk of cancer.

    There are tonnes of studies done on the effects of alcohol and a lot of them support the claim that rum, when consumed in moderation can be a deterrent in a person's probability to get cancer.

    3. A small peg can actually help reduce anxiety and give you a good night's rest.

    A single 1.5 ounce to be precise.

    4. It helps ward off neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

    Rum is known to have properties that keep the brain stronger and healthier, and hence decrease the chance of getting neurological diseases.

    5. If you have a sore throat or the common cold, Old Monk should be your drink of choice.

    Rum has anti-bacterial properties that fight off pesky viruses.

    6. It keeps diseases like diabetes under control.

    Rum lowers your cholesterol as long as you drink it in moderation. So having about 30ml a day can lower your chances of getting diabetes.

    7. Old Monk is known to help with muscle aches, and general joint discomfort.

    A controlled intake of Old Monk helps strengthen minerals in bones, thereby reducing pain and aches in joints and muscles.

    8. Your chance of getting a hangover is wayyyy lesser.

    Okay, anything in excess will make your head pound the next day. But drinking Old Monk has a lower chance of giving you that head-pounding, can't-get-through-the-day kind of pain.

    9. And most importantly, you'll live longer.

    Old Monk doesn't contain any carbohydrates or fats which, in the long run keeps you way healthier than other spirits. It also has a lower calorie count than other alcohols, so the weight won't rush straight to your thighs.