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    15 Sep 2016

    Everybody Is (Understandably) Super Pissed While Trying To Book Coldplay Tickets On BookMyShow

    "When you try your best but you don't succeed" - Everybody trying to book tickets right now.

    Almost everyone had lost hope of seeing Coldplay live in Mumbai when tickets were announced to be ₹25,000. But then, BookMyShow swooped in and provided that glimmer of hope we all needed by announcing early bird passes at ₹5,000.

    But obviously EVERYONE who heard about the offer, jumped right in, and within minutes the queue for the tickets had thousands of people vying for a ticket.


    And after seeing the huge-ass line, people just gave up.

    I do like you #Coldplay but this is too much trouble !! #ColdplayInMumbai #ColdplayTicketsGoLive

    Been loading for 45 minutes now :) @bookmyshow @coldplay @glblctznIN @WizcraftIndia

    Okay. Nevermind this Coldplay concert 😑

    Which made no difference anyway, cause the tickets sold out almost immediately.

    Comedy Central

    But the real problem was that the site had wayyyy too many errors for people trying to book.

    Hey @bookmyshow. How about not making people wait an hour before disappointing them with errors!


    BEEN TRYING TO BOOK THE 7500 tickets since forever & now they're sold out. Thank you @coldplay See u in some other country @bookmyshow_sup


    What a scam! I'm on the page since when but the same error oops something isn't right! Wtf #Coldplay tickets @bookmyshow


    Y #bookmyshow ! Waited in d Q so long, tried mre dan 25 times :( #coldplay #coldplaymumbai


    I seriously have the worst luck E.V.E.R.

    Everybody on BookMyShow right now:

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