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    Every Woke, Liberated Woman Will Love This Woman's Art About Not Sparing A Single Fuck To Sanskaar

    Replying to sexist WhatsApp forwards with these.

    This is New York-based artist Sam Madhu.

    Her Instagram page is going to become every woke, liberated woman's new fave.

    Madhu, who used to live in Chennai, told BuzzFeed that she's unashamed of talking about experiences with sex, alcohol, and drugs – topics that are taboo in India, especially if you're a woman.

    Her artwork caters to those those strong, independent brown women who refuse to be whitewashed, but also refuse to be oppressed by misogynistic Indian rules.

    Lots of her art also pokes holes at society's concepts of beauty standards.

    "I'm focusing my new series on goddess Kali, who is a symbol of female power, destruction, sexuality and independence," Madhu told BuzzFeed.

    Madhu says that she's considering moving back to India soon and will continue making art without giving a fuck about people's opinions.

    You can follow Sam Madhu's art on Instagram or check out her website.