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25 Things That Happen At Every Indian Music Festival

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy... But I have some questionable drugs on me, wanna get high?

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4. And then of course, go through a line of security so intense, it's as if you're going in to meet the president.

Could you please empty your pockets, bag, shoes, boxers.

5. You'll try to get the high back by hitting the bar. You won't be able to because the bar will be more crowded than the entrance.

And drinks will end up costing half a month's salary.

6. Before going to the festival, you will make an elaborate schedule, allowing you to go for the acts you really, really want to see.

This will not happen, because you will get totally swept up in the excitement of the festival.

7. Which is fine, because you will most likely know only one out of the twenty acts anyway.

What's a Mutemath?


8. You will see a lot of people dressed like this. / Via The only thing more hipster than a hipster is an Indian hipster

9. There will also be plenty of people wearing the merchandise of said act, probably knowing only about one song by the band/DJ.

13. There will be no cell reception, no matter which carrier you have.

Guess you'll have to tweet, Instagram, and Facebook hours later.

14. Which results in you getting lost in the sea of thousands.

And probably not seeing the group you came with till the next day.


17. There will be the hardcore fans.

21. Everyone will go absolutely crazy for that one song that EVERYONE knows.

22. Although, you might possibly miss half the show due to the massive 9-foot people standing in front of you.

Perfect spot indeed.

But should you go for the next one?

Yes. Absolutely, you should.