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16 Dudes Who Are Definitely Still Going To Be Single In 2017

R u single? R u single? R u single? R u single? R u single? R u single? R u single?

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1. This guy, who gets straight to the point.

2. This bro, who sounds pretty convincing to himself.

3. This dude, who definitely didn't get laid.

4. This fine young lad, who doesn't realise that more is not always better.

5. This guy, with impeccable comic timing.

6. This guy, whose dangerous tendencies prevent any girl from ever loving him.

7. This dude, who if anything, is persistent.

8. This guy, whose "sacuss" will only take him so far.

9. This man, whose frame game is on point, but still not enough.

10. This chap, who's really honest, but still isn't going to get any.

11. This guy, whose makeover skills don't seem to make the cut.

12. This guy, who will probably be waiting long into 2020 for a response.

13. This guy, who will have to photoshop a girlfriend for himself.

14. This guy, who can be in two places at once, but can't seem to score at either.

15. This charming young man, who only wants the cream of the crop.

16. And this guy, who is just trying to keep up with the times.

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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