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    16 Questions All Tourists Have For Dubai

    When can we move in?

    1. What's with the weather changing without any warning whatsoever?

    2. How does your fountain tap into every single emotion I've ever felt?

    3. Why is the elevator ride up to the Burj Khalifa like a rave?

    4. Why do you have to walk a kilometre to get inside Dubai Mall from it's own metro station?

    5. Why are there so many buildings under construction?

    6. How many more high-rises do you need exactly?

    7. How is every frame around this city so perfectly Instagrammable?

    8. Why is everything inside malls?

    Ski slop! Inside a mall. Ice-skating rink! Inside a mall. Aquarium! No prizes for guessing where.

    9. How does one maintain an indoor, three-floor waterfall?

    10. Why is the entrance to the Atlantis SO huge?

    11. What's with all the gold?

    12. Why is there no inter-state train?

    13. How are your apartments/hotel rooms so huge?

    14. Where do the women get their brows stenciled? (And can we make ourselves an appointment?)

    15. Haven't you ever heard of the saying, "The best things in life are free?"

    16. When can we move and live there forever?