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    23 Sep 2015

    This Graphic Novel Perfectly Captures The Struggles Of Being An Indian Woman

    "We daydreamed about being superheroes. Saviours of the world."

    Earlier this year, New Delhi-based publishing house Zubaan Books released Drawing The Line: Indian Women Fight Back, a graphic novel anthology written by 14 Indian women.

    The idea was born when Zubaan Books and the German Goethe-Institute collaboratively set up a workshop that allowed Indian women to discuss issues that they faced.

    Zubaan Books

    Each story has a different visual style and focuses on different issues.

    Zubaan Books
    Zubaan Books

    Some of the stories touch upon themes like sexual violence and rape culture, while others address beauty standards, patriarchal hierarchy, and gender discrimination.

    Zubaan Books / Via
    Zubaan Books

    The novel is now being slated for an October release in North America, through Toronto-based Ad Astra Comix.

    Zubaan Books

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