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9 Stunning Photographs That Reimagine Disney Princesses As Indian Brides

Snow White in a lehenga and Rapunzel in a sari — now we've seen everything.

Amrit Grewal, the photographer behind this photo series, told BuzzFeed in an email that the idea originated to demonstrate how Disney can inspire multiple ethnicities' aesthetics:

"Being a part of the Vancouver wedding industry, a common occurrence of themes are the various Disney Princesses.

Jasmine Nijjar, who worked as the Marketing Manager for Wellgroomed Designs, an Indian couture bridal gallery, conceptualised this project with brides in mind. With a need to show how mainstream Disney can migrate into other ethnicities, Jasmine built a theme that used each Disney princess movie as the inspiration all while integrating traditional Indian bridal wear."

The photographs were originally carried in South Asian Bride Magazine.

1. Snow White

Amrit Grewal / Via

Snow White's set includes a giant cherry tree with crystallised apples hanging off it.

2. Aurora

Amrit Grewal / Via

"Sleeping Beauty's shot was inspired by the Harrods window displays in London and we used thousands of leaves and pink flowers around a real bed to achieve the look," Grewal told BuzzFeed. The dress that Sleeping Beauty is wearing in the photograph costs a whopping $10,000.

3. Jasmine

Amrit Grewal / Via

Princess Jasmine's shot was inspired by the Sultan's Palace from Aladdin.

4. Belle

Amrit Grewal / Via

Belle's shot focused on her table setting: The candle stand, clock, and tea set are all reminiscent of beloved characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

5. Mulan

Amrit Grewal / Via

"For Mulan's shot, we used real swords and green turf to the emulate mountains from the movie," Grewal said.

6. Rapunzel

Amrit Grewal / Via

Rapunzel's set was inspired by Kim Kardashian's famous flower wall. "To create her braid, we rolled hay (yes, hay) for about 6 feet with zap straps and wrapped the thick rope-like hay with matching blonde extensions," Grewal told BuzzFeed. "We adorned the braid with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and perched her on top of brick pillars."

7. Pocahontas

Amrit Grewal / Via

Grewal and his team opted to keep Pocahontas's styling simple — three single feathers in her hair — so as to not inadvertently offend Native American sentiments.

8. Ariel

Amrit Grewal / Via

"Ariel was definitely the most detailed one, but one of my personal favourites," Grewal said. "We really wanted to show off a tail look, so we clipped the sari from at the knees and really accentuated the hips and tail fin. We used an aqua backdrop and built a rock-like platform so Ariel could stand on it. To give her a more sexy look, we used a short strapless crop top."

9. Cinderella

Amrit Grewal / Via

Cinderella was shot at the local Hycroft Manor, using the outdoor stairs as her running point.

Amrit explained that response to their Disney project has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We received an amazing response to the Disney project and we were so incredibly happy that it was all positive. There was finally a look that Indian brides could aspire to that worked with their ethnicity and as a team, we were extremely proud to have been able to provide that joy to them. The online response was absolutely amazing! I've been flooded with inquires about this project, so much that I'm unable to respond to them all.