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People Are Livid That Baba Ramdev Used The Cross In An Ad, But It’s The East India Company Logo

Everybody's favourite yogi is in legal trouble.

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In a recent ad for Patanjali products, Baba Ramdev used this motif of three crosses to represent Western influence in India.


His use of the crosses has stirred outrage among Christian communities in India. In the video, Ramdev pushes for the use of "swadeshi" products and said: "We have achieved political independence but not economic independence". You can check out the ad here.

"It is shocking that the cross, which is the symbol of Jesus, is shown in the advertisement", said Jerry Paul, who is convener of the Sarva Isai Mahasabha, a Christian organisation said.


The organisation has also urged Ramdev to remove the advertisement and requested him to answer a number of questions.


But the image that Ramdev used is actually part of the East India Company logo.


The EIC is actually mentioned in the video. "East India Company came and looted and destroyed India for 200 years. We have achieved political independence but not economic independence."


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