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Chris Rock Watermarked This Dude's Viral Tweet And The Indian Internet Is Pretty Pissed

"Chris Rock bewafa hai."

On July 20, Twitter user @krazyfrog uploaded a tweet about Melania Trump that was retweeted by thousands of people. People loved it; it was hilarious. People moved on.

That is until Chris Rock tweeted a screenshot of the exact same tweet on November 15.

The original tweeter spotted Rock's tweet and was pretty surprised by the theft.

@krazyfrog told BuzzFeed that a Twitter user pointed out that Rock's tweet was his, and that he felt sort of ambivalent about this.

"It would have been bad if he had simply copied the text and images, and posted them in his tweet," @krazyfrog told BuzzFeed.

"What he did instead is post a screenshot of an Instagram post, which was a screenshot of my tweet. The Instagram image didn't have my handle in it so even if Chris wanted to attribute it he couldn't. But then he put his watermark on it, and I'm not sure how to feel about that. Anyway, I think this may have gotten more attention than it deserves. We have more pressing matters to attend to, such as demonetisation and kya sach main Sonam Gupta bewafa hai?" he added.

It seems Rock found @krazyfrog's tweet screenshot on a random Instagram page...

... But the Indian internet has been pretty unforgiving.

People have been calling out Rock's uncredited use of the image.

Particularly for not just screenshotting the joke, but watermarking it as well.

People are now retweeting @krazyfrog's five-month old tweet.

And showing their solidarity in any way they can.

When will people learn not to mess with the Indian internet.