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    Chetan Bhagat Is Once Again The Most Hated Man On The Indian Internet

    Sorry, bro.

    Chetan Bhagat has a history of finding himself in hot soup on Twitter.

    And today, he fell into old habits and decided to comment about Delhi's odd-even traffic rule.

    Via Twitter: @chetan_bhagat

    Arvind Kejriwal introduced the odd-and-even traffic scheme in Delhi, where private vehicles will only be allowed move about in the city based on their license plate numbers. However this scheme will not apply to cars owned by women or ones that have women passengers.

    And well, people really, really didn't like it.

    What Harry Potter is to the golden snitch, is what Chetan Bhagat is to attention.

    haha Chetan Bhagat is now a men's rights activist.

    Cannot deny that Chetan Bhagat will be the Indian Donald Trump. *hair piece not included*

    Even Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, got in on the action by retweeting some of the people who were commenting on Bhagat's statement.

    To which Bhagat promptly replied.

    Dear CM, when you retweet trolls making personal attacks on me,you tacitly encourage them. And that's what they are doing right now. Thanks.

    Within a few hours of tweeting, Bhagat became one of India's trending topics.


    Which obviously prompted him to go into rant mode.

    Well, there's always next time.

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