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Are You A Real Bandra-Ite?

Check all the things you’ve done. Honestly. God is watching you.

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    Check off all the Bandra rites of passage that you've completed
    Humans of Bandra / Via Facebook: ilovebandra

    Check off all the Bandra rites of passage that you've completed

    Been to Carter Road and watched the cars pass by.
    Stood outside and prayed that the long masses at St. Peters or St. Andrews would end.
    Been to the Bandra Gym for the 'Wednesday Night Hop'.
    And then ended up at iBar or The Big Nasty.
    Been to Candies before it became a city in itself.
    Been to Janatas when you could actually afford the prices.
    Had an Old Monk at Yachts when you were broke.
    Went back to Yachts even when you could afford better.
    Braved the rain, the heat and everything in between for a Carter's Blue Shawarma.
    Had the overpriced Pani Puri from Elco’s.
    Had glass after glass from the Gannawala outside St. Andrews College.
    Watched a B-grade movie at Gaity-Galaxy.
    And whistled and screamed along with the crowd.
    Watched an English movie at Suburbia.
    Eaten at Ravi Chinese despite knowing you’d get an upset stomach the next day.
    Said ‘bugger’ or ‘aye men'.
    Can’t speak a lick of Hindi except ‘left lehna’ or 'Idhar side pe roko'.
    Played football at Supari Talao while three games were going on simultaneously.
    Never got a rick at Bandra Station.
    Bunked lectures and sat for hours at Andoras.
    Proclaimed to all your friends that the best beef burgers are from Imbuss.
    Never worried about buying smokes after 12am, because cyclewala
    Bought DVDs of the latest movies from the road.
    Cursed yourself because of it’s awful quality.
    Bought the next movie that comes out anyway, hoping it this would be better quality.
    Bought anything from Decent Collections and then promptly gone back to complain about it
    Been excited about going to the Bandra Gym for the Christmas Dance
    Vowed never to go back there again.
    Went back the next year anyway.
    Got distracted while on a run at Jogger’s Park by the ducks and the rabbits and basically anything there.
    Grabbed a beer at Totos and listened to Bryan Adams for the 900th time.
    Gotten stuck in traffic at Hill Road/Pali Naka/Linking Road.
    Watched a gig at the Bandstand Amphitheatre.
    Got bored, but sat through it anyway.
    Bargaining like a pro on Hill Road or Linking Road.
    Ordered party food from Hearsh bakery, A-1 or Andoras.
    Been for any Orangejuice or Fountainhead event at Mehboob Studios.
    Bought 'aam' or 'boras' from the lady behind St. Stanislaus.
    You’ve bumped into at least one of the ‘Khans of Bollywood'.
    Been directed through traffic by Anita Lobo, Mumbai’s only woman traffic volunteer.
    Fought with the rickshaw driver because he refuses to go through a one way.
    Got caught making out at Carter Road, Reclamation or Bandstand.
    Bought chips and water at 4am from Wellness.
    Begrudgingly paid for overpriced food at Sigdi or Mini Punjab after 2am.
    Been to the Bandra Gym Christmas Bazaar and bought nothing, but had a good night nonetheless.
    Been to the Bandra Fair that one time, and vowed never to go back.
    Go every year anyway.
    Eaten the best 4am burji pav at Rajasthan during Ramzan.
    Proudly taken your puppy or cat to Gostana for lunch.
    Sang your heart out at Soulfry for Monday night karaoke.
    Remember what Boat Club is.
    And most of all, dreaded ever getting out of Bandra.

Are You A Real Bandra-Ite?

You are not, and never will be from Bandra! Tsk, you'll never get to see Candies for what it was, or buy cheap drinks at Janatas. But well, you can always come by Jogger's for the cute bunnies. I suppose.

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You may not have seen and done it all, but you’ve done a lot. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to complete your integration into Bandra!

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You’re a pukka Bandra-ite. You probably have your own table reserved at Janatas and know all the pandus when they make their rounds on Carters. When people come to Bandra you’re the one they should call, you’ll definitely show them a good time.

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Nadiadwala Grandsons / Via
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