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    Ben Stiller And Adam Sandler's New English Movie Has A Hindi Title For Some Reason

    We have no idea why either.

    Comedy kings Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller are joining forces for a new film about a New York family.

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    The film will be directed by Noah Baumbach.

    The film is for some reason allegedly calledYeh Din Ka Kissa which translates to The Tale of This Day from Hindi. Here's a flyer that was posted on The Film Stage, reporting a filming notice that has been popping up on the streets of New York.


    A small handful of outlets including USA Today are stating that the film's title is The Meyerowitz Stories.

    Although Indians are calling out the fact that there's a typo in the Hindi headline.

    Via Twitter: @varungrover

    Yen ≠ Yeh.

    The New York castings website also cites the name as Yeh Din Ka Kissa.

    No idea why the movie is named what it’s named…

    But can’t wait to find out.


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