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16 Things You'll Always Remember Fondly About The Bandra Fair

This is why despite the crowds, the lines and the traffic, you'll always go back.

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1. The giant wheel.

Even if you're scared of rides, this is one ride that won't let you down.

3. Your name written on anything. Rice, beads, braids, wood.

And all in under 15 minutes.

4. Massive crowds.

Even though there are hundreds of people there, it's kinda great to see everyone you know all on one street.


5. And of course, with the crowds come the ENDLESS lines.

Yeah, we can go on the ride, the guys says there's just a two day waiting scene. But c'mon you've waited for hours in those lines just the same.

6. Traffic jams.

Work? Can't make it, I've got a couple thousand people on the road. Best excuse ever.

7. People who love the rides just as much as you do.

Seriously! You love the spinning cups too!


9. Sweets, spice, and everything nice.

No matter how old you are, you've had fun with this at some point.

11. The shooting range.

Again, doesn't matter if you're five or fifty. This is always fun. And you get better at it each year.


12. The colourful strings of faith.

13. And colourful candles too.